Film // Hawaii Wedding Photographer

When I was young my dad introduced me to photography with a Pentax K1000. Simple, fully manual, and no shiny lcd on the back. We would go on photo adventures in the mountains and photograph rivers, trees, pinecones, insects, flowers, and anything else that we found interesting. That was my introduction to photography. However, somewhere between those years and the introduction of digital cameras, I completely forgot about film and had no desire to shoot it. But that's about to change! I've been bitten by the film bug...again. A few months ago I conjured up (with the help of some amazing family members) a Canon AE-1 and shot off a few rolls. It was very scary not seeing an image right away, and I had to keep myself from looking at the back of the camera to check my exposure. Film went off and scans came back. I quickly realized that focusing on the AE-1 is not my strong point, as half of them were out of focus. The split-line/circle focusing screen apparently does not like my eyes it would seem.

I'm just sharing a few photos. In no way are any of these photos technically perfect, but they are perfect to me because of the people in them and because they were shot on film.